Place: Keresht – Time: 2014-15
مکان: کرشت – زمان: ۴-۱۳۹۳


2016  –  Photobook  –  14.5 x 20.5 cm (29 x 20.5 cm poster size)  –  60 Pages  –  300 copies

To see and to be seen simultaneously in a location yet to introduce and to be introduced to, initiated this project. Introducing a space in the duration of my two-year residency through the medium of photography, my work became the capturing of the mundane and the silence that haunted the space I was living in. This subject matter in my work varies depending on the minimal actions that abruptly break the stillness in the space. This collection presented in the format of a photo book narrates the ambiance of my time spent in Keresht: A studio warehouse, located in the suburbs of Tehran.

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